Old photo of a lady with two men in hats in the background
Samuel Hamilton Family


WB School JWA026
WB School JWA031
WB School JWA023
WB School JWA024
WB School JWA025
WB School JWA028
WB School JWA027
WB School JWA030
WB School BH001
WB School 1932 Facebook
WB School EHW25 and JWAD85
WB School EHP0346
WB School JWA029
WB School BHS003


Luther John Dukes World War I FDE
Henry Archie Dukes and his sister Helen Dukes FDE
Henry Archie Dukes World War II FDE
Worth Hamilton JWA084
William Dewey Walker JWA045
Vernon and Annie Belle Hamilton Stancil  JWA082
Pete Horton JWA017
Oleto Walker JWA038
Dewey Charles Walker JWA038
Carl Walker BOC005.JPG

Places of Interest

Hamilton Grocery and Service Station, Winter Beach, Fl.
Old photo of Residence Street. Quay, Fl. 3
Old photo of a home
Old photo of a train station
Old painting of a church


Old photo of a boardwalk with a building in the distance